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Duct Cleaning Vs. HVAC Maintenance: What Are The Differences?

Duct Cleaning Vs. HVAC Maintenance: What Are The Differences?

Both duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance are important habits to get into when you see any heating systems. While these two services are related, they have a few distinctions you should know about.

So, keep reading and learn about the difference between duct cleaning vs. HVAC maintenance. That way you can understand when to schedule each service and how often to do it.

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HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is intended to keep your heating and cooling system running in the best way possible. It can lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC system and reduce the repairs that you need over time.

Ultimately, HVAC cleaning in Atlanta saves you money and time. During a traditional HVAC maintenance procedure, your qualified technician will inspect every aspect of your system. This includes capacitors, electrical work, duct work, and coils.

If parts need to be replaced, they’ll perform that work. They’ll also make sure your air filter is changed out frequently to protect the indoor air quality of your home.

Ultimately, maintenance deals with all aspects of your heating and cooling to ensure that it produces clean, fresh air.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning can be considered a part of HVAC maintenance, but it is also its own category. Cleaning the ducts specifically entails cleaning your intake and your vents.

This way, the air coming in and out of your duct work is free of debris or bacteria. This reduces airborne allergens and bacteria.

Technicians might use brushes or other machinery to clean your ducts. After cleaning your ducts, the technicians will review the system and ensure that it’s running properly while producing fresh air.

HVAC vs Duct Cleaning: The Final Word

So which service should you get? It depends. Typically, you could benefit from getting both at the same time.

A nice bonus is that if you have one or the other done, the technicians can consult you on additional needs. That way, you leave no part of your AC / Heating system unclean.

Duct Cleaning Or HVAC Maintenance Near You

When it comes to getting either of these services, you should look to professionals. They can quickly and efficiently keep your air clean.

That way your family is more comfortable, more safe, and more happy day to day. So contact the HVAC professionals for HVAC cleaning in Atlanta today and start enjoying clean, fresh heating and air.

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